Teaching at Indiana University


  • Japanese Language Courses
    • Elementary Japanese (2016-17)
    • Third-Year Japanese (2017-18, 2018-19, 2020-21, 2021-22)
  • Undergraduate Courses
  • Graduate courses
    • East Asian Language Acquisition [Sample Syllabus] (Spring 2019)
    • Introduction to Japanese Linguistics (Spring 2022)
    • Teaching Japanese as a Foreign/Second Language (Fall 2017, Fall 2020, Fall 2021)

PhD Students

Dissertation committee member for:

  • Alessia Cherici (PhD, Chinese, in progress)
  • Ryan Lidster (PhD, Second Language Studies, in progress)
  • John Rothgerber (PhD, Second Language Studies, 2019)

MA Students

  • Miku Fukasaku (MA, Japanese Language Pedagogy, in progress)
  • Akira Kanaya (MA, Japanese Language Pedagogy, in progress)
  • Rika Nanjo (MA, Japanese Language Pedagogy, in progress)
  • Alan Reiser (MA, Japanese Language Pedagogy, in progress)
  • Lai Jiang (MA, Japanese Language Pedagogy, 2021; Now a Japanese Language & Linguistics Fellow at Earlham College). Pedagogy project: Explicit training on semantic roles as a tool to teach Japanese passive.

MA project reader for:

  • Madison Luken (MA, Japanese Language Pedagogy)
  • Nozomi Imai (MA, Japanese Language Pedagogy, 2019; Now a Japanese lecturer at Vanderbilt University)
  • Evan Bracken (MA, Japanese Language Pedagogy, 2017)

Teaching at the University of Hawai‘i

  • Introduction to the Study of Language (Spring 2012–Fall 2014)
  • General Linguistics (Spring 2015–Spring 2016)
  • Structure of Filipino (Spring 2013, Spring 2015, Spring 2016)