Elicitation materials

We have a collection of pictures to elicit intransitive & transitive verbs and subject & object relative clauses and we are happy to share them with you. These can be used for documentation or experiments, and have already been used in Hawaiʻi, Guatemala, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, and Sāmoa. The materials are available in Nozomi Tanaka collection on Kaipuleohone:

Wordless story book

I provided pictures for a wordless story book about a cat’s adventure, written by Katie Gao. This was created specifically for her research in Yunnan Province, China, but it can be used in other cultural contexts, especially in Asia (for example, there is a water buffalo in the story). Available on Kaipuleohone at

LaTeX file for UH Manoa Thesis/Dissertation

You can download it here!

This file is an unofficial LaTeX template for UH Manoa thesis/dissertation. This was made based on University of Hawaii at Manoa’s official eTD style guide and everything in the official style guide is included except for the specification for MFA thesis. It is not very good at this point and will be updated as needed. If you see any errors or think something can be improved, please feel free to let me know or contribute on GitHub.

UH PowerPoint Template

screenshot-2016-09-26-10-07-35If you need UH swag for your conference presentation, you can download it HERE.

Useful tools/websites